The Importance of Proper Gear for Serious Pickleball

So, you finally bit the bullet and tried pickleball? You enjoyed it more than you thought you would? You want to keep playing and you want to get better fast? You’re not alone, it happens to all of us.

Novice players diving into the sport will soon begin searching the internet and local sporting goods stores for the ultimate paddle. That’s the key, right? To hitting spin serves? For a wicked 2-handed backhand? While a paddle is a vital piece of equipment for any pickleball player, the technology variances from paddle to paddle have more of an effect on the game at higher levels of play.

There’s plenty of equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked by the pickleball newbie once they begin their hunt for the perfect paddle. For example, what about grip tape? Maybe you are a player that sweats profusely. Wrapping your handle with the perfect overgrip might have a bigger impact on your game than switching out your paddle if you’re new to the sport. While you are at it, throw a wristband on the arm you hold your paddle with. You’ll be amazed how much of an impact this can have on your game on hot, humid days.

There’s still more! What about your shoes? Don’t be the ultimate novice and wear your Van’s sneakers out onto the pickleball court. Tennis court shoes have firm support walls and soles designed for aggressive movements on court surfaces. Not only does this allow you to move on the court faster, but it protects you from injury.

A lot of players will stop there, and they’ll just by a new paddle every few months hoping that the new paddle will give them the comfort they’re seeking out on the courts. I personally love my Joola Hyperion, and I love my Jet Mach 3’s… but they’re just a piece of the puzzle when I’m on the court. I want to feel comfortable in all of my gear, including my clothes. And I certainly don’t want to look goofy just to be comfortable.

This desire to look and feel good on the court influences the design and quality of the products 11pickleball puts out into the world. We aren’t going to make stuff we don’t love to wear. We wear it. The last thing I want to do is miss an Ernie into the net because my shorts are restricting my movement. The second-to-last thing I want to do is not play my best at a tournament because my apparel is causing me to overheat under the Naples summer sun.

I love all the compliments I receive when wearing my goat farm performance shorts. But those compliments don’t mean much if I’m not playing my best. And when I’m not comfortable on the court, I’m definitely not playing my best.

Maybe it’s time you got a little more serious about your pickleball apparel. Hold off on ordering your second Selkirk Power Air of the month. The goat farm performance shorts might be just the thing your forehand groundstroke needs.

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